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5 Tips for the Perfect Pool Party

You’ve checked the weather forecast, you’ve set up the lounge chairs, and you’re ready to rock your favorite Skye bathing suit – fun in the sun with your gal pals is just a few simple steps away. If you really want to make a splash, let Skye be your pool party co-host from afar: we’re serving up a list of crowd-pleasing tips for the ultimate backyard bash, so you can beat the heat while having an absolute blast. 

Get creative with a super-fun theme

Who doesn’t love an all-out themed party? The sky is truly the limit when it comes to choosing a fabulously fun motif. For starters, you could turn your patio into a full-blown tiki bar, complete with torches, pineapple slices, bowls of brightly-colored punch, and flowery leis! 

If you’re hosting in the later afternoon or evening, you can commit to a “light up the night” theme, busting out candles, fairy lights, and glow sticks as the sun begins to go down. Or maybe you’re feeling like a boho-themed hangout, with comfy pillows, floppy hats, and Turkish towels galore?


Shake up a signature cocktail

From weddings to birthday parties, the idea of having a signature cocktail has (very deservedly) risen to celebration stardom. First, tap into your inner bartender and get creative with a catchy name for your proprietary mix, then figure out what kind of vibe you’re going for. Punch bowl? Tropical-inspired blend? Simple yet sophisticated? If you need some sip-spiration, we suggest starting here!


Pick up a few poolside games

Between servings of your signature cocktail, your guests might enjoy a little entertainment. You don’t have to go too crazy with this tip, but a few key games can provide a burst of fun and energy for your bash. Spoil your inner child with a few beach balls, water guns, floaties, and pool noodles – for old times’ sake!


Nail the playlist

We are living in the golden age of playlists thanks to Spotify, Apple Music, and good old YouTube. With the help of these apps and sites, you can set up your own poolside mix with ease, or choose a pre-existing themed playlist in no time at all. The music you choose will set the tone and vibe for the entire event, so make sure to pay extra attention to this very special detail.


Go to town on the snacks

You know the old adage: swimming on a full stomach can make you feel [sea]sick. That’s why finger foods and fun munchies are the perfect fit for a pool party. Think bruschetta, chips and guacamole, summery fruit skewers, and cucumber sandwiches – then, for dessert, you can serve juicy grilled watermelon, glass bowls full of colorful candies, or refreshing popsicles.


Feeling inspired? These tips are just the beginning of your party planning adventure. Feel free to follow them to the letter, or simply use them as a jump-off point (diving-board style) for your own creative process. Happy splashing!

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