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Revealing: RANGALA

Deep in the Sri Lankan forest sits Rangala, a majestic destination that checks every box on the “adventure” list. Breathtaking tea plantations, rushing waterfalls, and far-reaching vistas draw curious trekkers to this idyllic sanctuary time and time again.

One of the most coveted gems in the region is the Rangala natural pool, with crystal-clear water that acts as a window to the rust-colored stones resting on the bottom of the shallow riverbed. Interspersed with rushing mini-falls splashing over precarious rock paths, this magical path eventually leads to a swim-worthy pool surrounded by rock faces. Don’t forget to drink in the lush green mountains towering on all sides as you splash around! 

There’s no better way to take advantage of Rangala’s impressive topography than with a scenic trek, drenched in a thousand different shades of green: from wispy tall grasses to tangles of trees carpeting the mountainside, there is no shortage of head-turning views to captivate visitors of all kinds. 

 Our namesake print seeks to capture the untameable spirit of Rangala’s natural abundance, with layer upon layer of thin speckled leaves tumbling around in perfect chaotic harmony. Serving up the ideal mix of surf-style pieces and boardwalk-ready bathing suits, this collection truly has it all: will you reach for our long-sleeve paddle suit, a high-waisted bottom, or a V-Neck Tankini? The choice is yours – and you simply can’t go wrong with Rangala.