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5 Reasons Why Women Should Support Other Women

Throughout time, the female presence has been underrepresented in His-tory. However, as we’ve endeavored to evolve and challenge societal norms, we have lost the underlying reason behind this movement: sisterhood. At some point the paradigm shifted and we have somehow become our own worst enemies. As women, it’s a hard pill to swallow when we realize how easy it is to support everyone else; men, children and of course, ourselves, but not each other. However, the reality is that the road to gender equality starts within our own community and here are 5 reasons why women should support other women:


We share the same struggles

From an oppressive history, inequality in the workplace to periods, pregnancy, childbirth and all the in-betweens, no one knows what it’s like to be a woman except for another woman. Having a listening ear or shoulder to cry on from someone who has been in your shoes in some form or fashion, is incredibly therapeutic and not to mention, comforting. Never underestimate the power of good ‘ole fashioned girl talk!


There is power in numbers

Many a feat has been accomplished through mobilization of like-minded people with a common goal. Women, being both rational and intuitive, are able to single-handedly execute so many tasks on a daily basis, that it’s empowering to know what can be achieved if we work together in numbers as a community.


It’s rewarding

Helping someone, especially another woman, recognize her self worth is rewarding as it is priceless. It also doesn’t cost a thing! And you know what? That warm and fuzzy feeling of gratification is made that much sweeter when it’s reciprocated.


It is our nature to nurture

It’s instinctive to want to help others, and with the likelihood of becoming mothers, women are especially prone to this desire. It’s also perfectly natural to nurture and be nurtured by people outside of our familial circle. We innately look for kindred spirits who are likeminded and who make us feel supported so why not give some of those good vibes back.



For every successful woman you know, there is at least one other strong woman behind her giving her words of encouragement as well as sound, objective advice. It’s important to have a tribe, or in this case, a sisterhood that will be there to offer external affirmations in good times and bad. Just be sure to surround yourself with other women who will equally support each other’s successes as well as failures.


Admittedly, it feels so much easier to criticize and tear each other down, but if we uplift, encourage and make the effort to cultivate more supportive relationships with each other, you’ll find that no matter where you are or what environment you’re in, the atmosphere will feel more harmonious as well as inspiring. There’s strength in numbers and empowering other women is self-empowerment in itself.

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