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Uncovering: BORACAY

In the perfect movie The Devils Wears Prada, Meryl Streep’s famous character Miranda Priestly memorably says “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” These four simple words carried so much conviction, she may as well have won an Oscar. But, dare we say, it was also one of the many times we disagreed with Miranda.



Floral prints, whether small or big, vibrant or subdued, monochrome or multicolored, are what break us out of our winter shells. They’ve been around since… forever – yes, even Marie-Antoinette’s closet included florals. They’ll always be classic, versatile, and fashionable. So why bother shying away from them? 

This season’s Skye collection includes not one, but two beautiful floral spreads. The Boracay series features big bold beautiful hibiscus flowers in hues of pink, combined with a contrasting black and white pattern paneling for some added flair. Named after the tiny island off the coast of the Philippines covered by these flowers, these feminine and fun styles offer a little something for everyone.



Maybe Miranda Priestly would have been a bit nicer, if her wardrobe included some uplifting spring florals… Who knows!