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Unveiling Summer 19


Is it just us, or can you feel summer finally rounding the corner? The advent of longer days, splashier sunsets, and freer spirits calls for a celebration – we thought releasing the final instalment of this season’s swim collection would do the trick!

Skye is back with all of the cuts and fits you already know and love, brought to life with a bundle of fresh new patterns designed to look effortlessly amazing.



If heaven can be a place on earth, we’re casting our vote for Spain’s Balearic Islands. Look no further than Primavera’s nautical stripes and sunny yellow blooms to drink in the feeling of their radiant blue waters and rugged coastlines.



Let the Maya collection’s gentle, dreamy stripes lull you into a transcendent state of divine magic, cocooned by pinks, blues, and yellows that will have you feeling lighter than air.


Our namesake print seeks to capture the untameable spirit of Rangala’s natural abundance, with layer upon layer of thin speckled leaves tumbling around in chaotic harmony.



The ideal blend of sultry and moody, lighthearted and playful, this collection’s pitch-black background and delicate red and white flowers balance each other out like the most perfect yin and yang.



Forget everything you know about the average jungle or forest and dive into a mesmerizing technicolor paradise. Botanical bliss has never been more within reach, so leave your inhibitions behind and let Botanix sweep you off your feet.


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