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5 Celebs That Inspire Us Every Day to Love our Bodies

We watch them on the big screen, dance to their music and cheer them on as they crush the competition. Celebrities are public figures because they have the ability to entertain us and are the best at what they do (for the good and the bad). However, there are some stars that have multiple talents, one of which is being able to inspire women and young girls to accept themselves and feel confident. Here are 5 icons that encourage us every day to love our bodies:


1. Amy Poehler

Best known for her skits on Saturday Night Live where she earned two Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Actress, Amy Poehler eventually branched out into motion pictures. She was part of the sitcom Parks and Recreation, as well as the comedy flicks Baby Mama and Sisters. What most people don’t know is that she’s also a humanitarian and activist for women’s rights. The actress founded the Amy Poheler’s Smart Girls Foundation, where they emphasize the intelligence over wanting to “fit in.” With ‘change the world by being yourself’ as their motto, they hope to help young girls cultivate their true selves. Her foundation does have a blog, where they feature many women who are making a different in society and tell stories about their personal journey to success. Poehler can certainly call herself a role model for young girls looking to find their place in the world!


2. Chrissy Teigen

If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll understand why she made our list. Chrissy Teigen is a supermodel, author released this year as well as her 2016 cookbook, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat. She is also married to singer John Legend. Teigen has recently given birth, and has been very open and honest about her body changes on both Instagram and her Twitter. She is relatable and isn’t afraid to be vulnerable on social media, like this “mom bod” post on Twitter. The new mom posts many pictures on Instagram of her breast feeding and wearing no make-up. Teigen is definitely a leader for body positivity for both women and girls alike.


3. Serena Williams

She is arguably the world’s most famous and best female tennis player. Serena Williams has both the strength and courage that many of us strive to have. After her pregnancy, the athlete has been very open about her battle with postpartum depression on social media. She posted a very personal image and caption on Instagram, where she let her fans know that she was is a dark place. Williams reassured her followers that this was completely normal, that some women feel this way after giving birth. What’s more, she wrote an open letter about body positivity on Reddit to her mom, expressing that she has accepted her physic and is proud of it. With the continuous use of the hashtag, #BeSeenBeHeard, Williams has become a role model for women who are struggling with body image. She is also showing young girls to embrace who they are instead of trying to change themselves to fit society’s mold.


4. Rhonda Rousey

She may look tough on the outside, but she has feelings too! Rhonda Rousey was the first women to hold the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship title. This year, she was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. The martial artist recently made the switch to professional wrestling, as she’s now the current WWE Raw Women’s Champion. Throughout her career, Rousey has been criticized for looking “too masculine.” Being the fighter she is, the champion clapped back at her body-shammers.

Rousey responded to her haters online in a short video before she took on her opponent, Bethe Correia with regards to her physique. "That's why I find it hilarious if people say that my body looks masculine or something like that, I'm just like, listen, just because my body was developed for a purpose other than f***ing millionaires doesn't mean it's masculine."

Rousey even opened up to Sport Illustrated about gaining fifteen pounds because she wanted to feel her happiest and healthiest, regardless of what anyone thought. She is truly an inspiration and a great fighter in and out of the octagon (or the ring!).


5. Rihanna

Now this queen needs no introduction! Rihanna is a multi-platinum recording artist, actress, songwriter and business women. With a resume like that, she has no time for internet trolls that comment on her body. In a Vogue Magazine interview, Rihanna responded to her haters by saying “I accept all of the bodies. I’m not built like a Victoria’s Secret girl, and I still feel very beautiful and confident in my lingerie." The singer has even posted a photo of her showing off her leg hair!

Rihanna doesn’t let others decide what women should like; she embraces who she is and just lets the haters, well, hate.


These five women are great examples of how to love our bodies and embrace the way we are made. No matter your background, intelligence, or athletic build, finding that body confidence is important. Take the lead from these celebrities and change your mindset to see yourself in a more positive light!