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5 Reasons to Journal for a more Positive You

Journaling: it’s the habit of recording your innermost thoughts, emotions and activities that surround your everyday-life. Career, love life, social and personal responsibilities are all explored here in what you would now be, the adult version of that personal diary you had as a teenager. It can be as simple as recapping your daily happenings or more in depth like self-analysing your feelings. People who keep journals do so for different reasons but the underlying results and benefits are practically the same. We all have our individual battles that can constantly put a damper on our spirits, but creating a personal journal can easily make you realise that even though small, we have many positive experiences on a daily basis, and they are never insignificant. Not so convinced? Here are 5 reasons to start journaling for a more positive you: 


Daily journaling retrains your thoughts to focus on the positives and builds an optimistic attitude

Try turning your negatives into positives the next time you decide to make an entry e.g. “I’m worried about my health condition but now I can offer advice and support to someone who is now experiencing the same thing”... 


Journaling increases gratitude

If you wrote in your journal everyday something positive you experienced or even simply a few nice things people have said or done for you during the day, you’d realize that your day is filled with more good than bad moments, and that in itself is something to be grateful for!


It attracts and manifests positivity

There’s a saying that “what you put out into the world is what you will receive.” Quite simply put, you can speak, or in this case, write your positive vibrations into being. The more positive energy you emanate, the more you’ll find that things are working out in your favour.


It helps you focus on goals and ambitions

When you write down your goals, especially repeatedly, you create a clearer picture of what you want to achieve in your mind and reaffirm your ability to execute your objectives. This not only keeps self doubt away, but also boosts your self-confidence and is great for overall mental health.


It helps revisit personal progress

Remember those intentions you set for yourself? The ones you’ve accomplished through hard work and positive thinking? Yes, the ones you’ve crossed off your list with a gratifying smile on your face. It’s just that now, as you set new peaks for yourself you’ll have a catalogue of achievements to reflect upon.


With this practice, there’s never a question about when is the right time to start. Remember, timing is always right when it comes to self love and you should make journaling a part of your regime. With just a few minutes a day, you’d be surprised at what this simple act of writing can do for your soul. In this case, the tools for change are literally at your fingertips!