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5 Reasons Why #BoPo Applies to Everyone

Social Media has been a major platform for the body positive movement, known as #BoPo or #BodyPositive on Instagram. These are communities that support each other through daily posts with messages that bring people together to fight against a negative body image. Although most of these communities involve plus size women, there are other people who take part in body image campaigns. Here are five reasons why this movement applies to everyone:

1. The Body Positive Movement Applies to Men, Too.

    Many men have joined in on the #BoPo movement as well. Although we don’t always notice it, they themselves have issues with body image and are voicing their feelings on social media. No matter the gender, everyone feels a certain way about themselves and are welcome to join this movement for support!

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    2. Fitness Girls Who Need Support

      Even the girls who work out every day and have the abs that everyone wants have body images issues. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing fitness models with their “perfect” bodies can put pressure on everyone. It’s important to make every woman feel accepted, whether you’re a size two or size twenty-two.

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      3. Body Positive is Not Always About Size

        A lot of women are self-conscious about certain beauty marks or parts of their bodies they consider “flaws.” They too are looking to show these flaws on social media and let the world know that they are not ashamed and are promoting body acceptable. From cellulite, freckles or scars, these people are looking for support and showing anyone else who is struggling with their flaws that they aren’t flaws at all. Embrace your body and everything that makes it unique!


        4. The Movement Has No Age Limit

          Women of all ages are also joining in on the #BoPo movement. As we get older, our body changes and some have a tough time accepting these changes. It’s inspiring to see these women taking charge of their lives and keeping the positive vibes going!


          5. Coming from an Unfortunate Situation

            Those who have been in tragic accidents have also turned to social media to share their stories about their journey to body positivity. Paola Antonini lost her leg after being hit by a drunk driver. However, this has not stopped her from living her life and hitting the gym! Her Instagram posts always have a positive attitude, one that is truly inspiring!


            It doesn’t matter who you are or what background you come from; we’re all a part of this community of body positivity. We are a diverse group of people that are accepting of who you are as a person, no your shape or size. So, are you ready to join the #BoPo movement?