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#MySkyeBody Conversations - Frederique Duchesne

 Meeting Frederique, Skye's D-cup model, for the first time is the most heart warming experience. She's incredibly nice, super friendly, and always keeps a smile on her face despite the long days on set. Her energy and positivity are contagious, and her bohemian ways make her a woman of nature. It's hard to think that her first modelling gig was with Skye, but it's not so surprising once you realize how easy going and confident she is. 

We thought we'd talk to her, get to know what she does for self-care, how she remains positive, and her opinion on society's social media habits. 


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SKYE: Where does your body confidence come from? 

FD: My parents always told me to be proud of myself, of my accomplishments, and to take thoughtful decisions. They’ve supported me, have given so much good advice, and I think these things have helped me tons. I try to not get influenced by those around me, only by the people that really matter to me. The important thing really is that I feel good about my decisions. When you accept yourself entirely, and are aware of each of your desires and limits, confidence is necessarily there.

SKYE: What do you for self-care?

FD: I enjoy taking part in activities that I love and that bring me inner peace. Simple life pleasures that feel so good. Spending time with my friends, family, and my boyfriend are activities that help me ground myself over and over again.



SKYE: What do you think of the current representation of women on social media? Do you think social media is helping to display a more representative image of women? 

FD: I think that we see a lot of misrepresentations of what it is to be a woman. We’re all made so differently, yet we tend to always be shown the same kind of woman. If we want a true and real representation, we need to be shown women of all body types and of all kinds. I also think that there’s been a lot of progress in the past couple of years but there’s still so much way to make for our society to present us with the true meaning of being a woman: diversity and self-acceptance. 

In diversity there’s beauty.

SKYE: What would you say to a woman, a friend, who is shy of wearing a bathing suit? 

FD: You’re beautiful. Be proud of who you are and of your body. We’re all unique and beautiful. Perfection doesn’t exist and it will never exist. Getting to accept yourself is a process, but it’s one of the best gifts we could ever give ourselves.


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You can follow Fred on Instagram here.