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#MySkyeBody Conversations - Marissa Rascon

Marissa Rascon is the definition of a multi-tasker! Wife to husband Gabriel, mom to son Jacob and founder of her own Los Angeles based video production company, Reel Rad Films, she creates story-driven video content that encourages people to feel empowered, inspired and proud of their life’s calling. Whether it’s through self reflection or with the help of a community, she believes that there is no greater feeling than living out your truth. It is through this personal philosophy as well as years of experience in an industry that places much emphasis on appearance, that she has been able to find her own way to work body positivity into her projects. Below, she shares with us her thoughts on how the rest of the industry can do the same.

SKYE: Every woman's journey with motherhood is different. Can you tell us what is your relationship between body positivity and motherhood?

Marissa: My relationship with my body has had a journey of its own, then once I got pregnant and had my son it just intensified. Number one: I’m in awe of the strength and power of our bodies, the fact that we birth humankind blows my mind! Second, once strangers have seen EVERY bit of me it kind of pushed me to quickly become a new form of comfortable with my body. I used to be ashamed of my size because of the stigma around fat and curvy women (yes ‘fat’ can be used without pain with permission) but with the movement of inclusion and representation it has made a way for me to see myself in others and know that my size doesn’t define my worth. I have been blessed with the ability to birth my child, breastfeed my child and care for my child so my body rocks! Stretch marks and ALL.

''I have been blessed with the ability to birth my child, breastfeed my child and care for my child so my body rocks! Stretch marks and all.''

SKYE: As women, we juggle quite a bit on a daily basis: family, motherhood, career. But how much emphasis do you think should be placed on self care? 

Marissa: Women are real superheroes! We are full of power and grace and when we receive the right kind of support we are empowered to live out our fullest potential. So yes, I believe self-care.Is.Necessary! When my mind, heart and body are in alignment I feel whole and can show up as my best self. In terms of work, it maximizes productivity. I recently heard on a podcast that we are most creative when we make room for rest. When we make time we maximize our time.  

SKYE: What do you think is the best asset/strength a woman can have?

Marissa: I think women are naturally the strongest beings on this earth and a woman or any person with self-awareness has unleashed their ability to handle anything!

SKYE: Self-acceptance is typically an individual journey. However, do you think having a community can help? And if yes, how?

Marissa: No matter how much others might love or not-love you, if you do not believe in your worth you will always question it. Sure, we all have good and bad “feelings” about ourselves occasionally but when we know our TRUTH, no feelings can change facts: That we are wonderfully made! I know God has created us for Community and when we find the right one (it takes time and sometimes they come and go) we can rally together, encourage each other and create change together. Nothing good in this world was ever done alone.

SKYE: As a filmmaker, how much of a role does body positivity play in your productions? 

Marissa: I’ve seen even the most famous celebrities struggle with body-image. Like all of us, my clients always make sure we’re filming their “good side” and before we roll they ask “how do I look?” No one is exempt from the pressures to be perfect. I try to be sensitive and mindful of personal insecurities when we’re filming because ultimately my job is to make my clients happy but I try to reassure them that I have their best interest at heart. And if my clients allow, I prefer to build a relationship with them, get to know their heart so I know the real them and pull inspiration from that part of themselves.

SKYE: What’s the best body positive advice you can give to someone else?

Marissa: You get to live your 1 life in 1 body, what can you do to live it well?  

SKYE: In your opinion, how do you think the film industry as a whole can help further drive the importance of this movement?

Marissa: I think we’ve seen a shift in representation and willingness to embrace women from many walks of life and I am living for it! The film industry needs to learn that the audience they create for wants to see themselves and the communities they are part of so cast them, hire them - give them a platform! I love that powerhouse Ava DuVernay has opened doors and has linked other creators with opportunities because she knows she has the ability to do so. Using your power to empower others is the greatest gift anyone can do!

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