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Revealing: ITZEL

Here at Skye, we’re all about living like an everyday goddess: taking a few peaceful minutes to yourself each morning, stepping out for a soul-warming latte when the weather is cold outside, going out for a delicious dinner even if the fridge is full. But this collection takes that philosophy to a whole new level.

The name Itzel, meaning “rainbow goddess” or “moon goddess” depending on the direct translation, originates from the Mayan lexicon. Ancient lore describes Ix Chel (the name’s original spelling) as having worn many godly hats: rain, fertility, midwifery, and medicine were all under her jurisdiction, to name a few.

In the early 16th century, women would flock to Ix Chel’s sanctuary if they were looking to bless their marriage, making it the most important pilgrim destination after Chichen Itza. As an ode to all the multi-talented and multi-faceted women of the world, the Itzel print is a fusion of colours that evokes both the heavens and the earth – an ethereal blend of blues, reds, and the traditional patterns that defined an entire civilization.


This vibrant, funky collection has no shortage of gorgeous cuts to choose from. The high-neck Mercedes top features a subtle middle slit that lets the perfect amount of skin peep through, and the triangle-style Katie has delicate straps that reach around both sides like a fun, fashionable hug. Our Hipster bottom has a black foldover waistband that perfectly compliments the punchy Itzel print, and our Olivia one-piece strikes the perfect balance with its all-black bottom and Mercedes-style patterned top.