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Revealing: JAVA

Revealing: JAVA

For such a small island, Java could not have more to offer. This bustling Indonesian hotspot is known for its abundance of volcanoes, as well as housing the national’s capital, beautiful Jakarta. Its distinctive volcanic properties have made this island the fertile paradise it is today, with each eruption creating lava flows and ash deposits that eventually turn into sediment and feed the island’s flora.

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Each year, tourists flock to Indonesia to behold the country’s ornate Hindu and Buddhist temples: these elaborate religious structures take on many forms, all of them jaw-droppingly detailed and gloriously grandiose. Just one look can transport you to ancient lands as you drink in the craftsmanship and artistry of civilizations past.

As if its distinctive architecture wasn’t enough of a cultural draw, Java is also known for its rich tapestry of flora and fauna. Sitting just below the equator, the world’s most populous island is teeming with much more than just human life: it is home to 450 different species of birds, 500 species of butterflies, and a unique cast of animal characters that includes wild pigs and monkeys!

Isabella Top & Tie Side Med Bottom in JAVA | Stella Top & Alessia Bottom in JAVA | Hilary Top & Angelina Bottom in JAVA

No time to visit Java’s towering volcanoes on your own? Let this collection take you there instead. It's Indonesian-inspired motif serves up a smooth monochrome color palette, brought to life by a mirrored geometric soul. Whether your curiosity is piqued by the plunging Isabella top, the higher-rise Alessia bottom, or any of the dozens of available combinations, the Java collection will bring you closer than ever to the adventure of a lifetime.

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