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Revealing: SIPURA

True confession: we’ve never met a floral pattern we didn’t love. When it’s time to dive headfirst into big, bold, beautiful blooms, our Sipura collection is guaranteed to please. Named after a small Indonesian island located off sunny Sumatra, Sipura is a veritable whitecap destination, and the most developed of the four Mentawai islands despite being the runt of the litter.


Home to coveted surf break locations like Lance’s Left, Telescopes, and Hollow Trees, Sipura is the perfect place to enjoy the ocean mist against your skin and feel positively dwarfed by lofty, imposing waves. When you’re done thrill-seeking for the day, the island has no shortage of tucked-away spots for a mid-afternoon snooze.

Whether you’ve got a love for crests and curls or prefer the relaxed tempo of the beach bum lifestyle, this print’s romantic blush tones are sure to suit the scene, with a dash of nautical stripes to please the seafarer in all of us. 

Get your Sipura on by slipping into our plunging-neckline Angel top, featuring an all-floral bust and striped underband, paired with our ruched Alessia bottom. If you’re feeling sporty, you can reach for the high-neck Anita top, or choose the thicker-strapped Tobia top for unparalleled support. Our show-stopping Jane one-piece is a fashion force to be reckoned with, and the kimono-style Amun coverup can take you from beachfront to tiki bar in the blink of an eye.